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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation], "unhappy is defeated", with the slogan of the new Adidas soccer shoes to declare their desire for speed. However, in the Chinese market, the sports brand giant front advocating speed to performance inflection point. Recently, Adidas released 2013 financial results, the Group's global sales revenue decreased by 3% during the period to 14.492 billion euros (122.605 billion yuan), if calculated according to the exchange rate unchanged conditions, the Group's sales revenue increased by only 3%. The most promising businesses in Greater China fell from double digits to the number of units, increased by only 7 percent, marking the lowest in nearly three years. In the retail downturn pressure, state Adidas weak growth performance of growing, with the rise of the local sports br cheap jordans for sale and and Nike (Development site information) rapid attack, Adidas can run fast? weak growth performance had been the rapid growth of Adidas or will become history. Recently, Adidas released 2013 results, the Group's sales revenue in Western Europe decreased by 6% in Greater China sales growth of 7%, this figure is actually lower than management had initially expected. "Our strong performance in the fourth quarter of 2013 New Year on a successful close. Constant exchange rate basis, sales rose 12 percent, far exceeding our expectations," Adidas Group CEO Hector Bert? Haina (Herbert Hainer) commented, "Only in the fourth quarter, the negative impact of currency exchange rates led to the loss of our sales revenue by 9 percentage points." March 13, the adidas Group to accept the "China Times" reporter, said, Adidas has continued to grow in China, the co Retro jordans for sale untry has opened more new stores, and to consolidate its leadership position, the company still We see the growth of health and sustainability. While the Adidas Group to maintain a more optimistic attitude, but the fact that the performance of weak growth in China had to pay attention. According to Adidas results, 2012 and 2011, an increase of Adidas sales in China were up 15 percent and 23 percent, far higher than the 2013 Greater China revenue grew 7%. The reason for the weak growth performance of Adidas, Beijing Road Sports Consulting Ltd. crucial CEO Zhang believes that on the one hand is affected by ZARA, Uniqlo fast fashion brand influence, on the other hand is in the four-tier cities suffered a native brand of strong blocking. Recently, the reporter visited the market, found that just when the local sports brand in the domestic promotion of a Cheap air jordans for sale slight fever, Adidas and other international big discount fighting still going on, some of the sales staff said the new products is played 5-9 fold range of concessions. The process of visiting reporters also found that for FMCG Adidas stock, the current products have been more than 3-7% off promotion in supermarkets. Nike Adidas also began sniping. According to the survey results of the market research firm Euromonitor International (Euromonitor) released, in 2012, Nike's share of the Western European market was 12.4%, accounted for 13.2 percent of Adidas. Nike's total sales in Western Europe half of fiscal year 2014 rose 11% on Adidas in the third quarter fell by 6%. An industry source told reporters on condition of anonymity, as the battle between the warming sports brand Adidas is increasing its efforts to optimize its retail strategy to occupy a fav cheap jordan shoes for men orable position in the battle for market share. Adidas Nike in the European market is pressing harder and harder, falling into the latter part of the market share of the hands. How fast? the entire sports industry, professional category of products is already saturated, Adidas master of fast fashion breakthrough. As early as 2011, China's first outdoor specialty stores Adidas officially arrived in Harbin. According to statistics, Adidas outdoor shop in northern China has more than 30. They are turning to brand its influence, to develop this new field - outdoor market. Last year in May, Adidas Again, it has been from the H & amp; M dug some talent and other fast fashion brand ZARA, hope I can get faster. This is also the Adidas from professional sports products to start fast fashion. High Skyline was director of Adidas Group Greater China general ma cheap foamposites nager also said that Adidas sports fashion can bring to the driving force of growth. However, the fact is not the case, along with the growing trend of weak retail, Adidas to create fast fashion resistance is also growing, originally released 2012 annual performance data in early 2013, the Adidas also predicted that 2013 group sales We will remain moderate single-digit growth. However, earnings from the recently released data, this prediction seems to have more distance away. Adidas can really like fast fashion brands like really fast together? It is understood that the turnover of fast fashion brand merchandise is generally 20 days, the movement of goods is 40-50 days, or even longer. From H & amp; M and other fast fashion brand ZARA poaching, which means Adidas hopes to make product updates faster. However, as a sports brand asset-light, in order to sa cheap jordans for sale mens ve labor and other costs, Adidas last year closed the only one affiliated factory in China. In this regard, a number of industry analysis for reporters, the pursuit of product design and shelves speed, can drive faster sport fashion merchandise sold in the Chinese market. But after China in order to save costs will only transfer Direct factory will obviously slow down the speed of Adidas. Only from this point of view, Adidas move was "at the expense of time in exchange for the cost of commodity price advantage," and seek "fast" contrary to the original intention. Under key road sports consulting firm founder Zhang said that China "light sport" consumer market is large, there is a huge demand in the market background, Adidas and other sports brands of fashion transformation will become more apparent. However, this change was seen as one of the causes bran cheap jordans online d homogeneity, high inventories. In Zhang it seems, as a sports brand, products must be functional on the professional "tenable", and then to the fashion aspect of interpretation in order to be recognized by consumers. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network of global fashion network & nbsp; shoe.)famous sports brand NIKE signs shoes Air Force 1 Classic will not say more, recently, the official will combine this classic new generation Nike Air Force 1 CMFT Mowabb shoes. In the classic style into the interior boots design, is also very special, color design is in 1991 as a reference, with black white inkjet bottom, will be the focus of the street. This time, shoes are sold at their designated stores, and friends who are interested may wish to pay more attention to it. famous spo Retro jordans for sale rts brand NIKE, this time for its popular shoes Air Max 90 Ice bring this brand new White/Cool Grey-Black-Infrared color matching. Designers in the classic Air Max 90 in color based, and uses different shapes covering lightweight uppers, with different shades of grey throughout the last with translucent red soles and black Air Max unit, and air cushion parts are in red and theme echoes.KITH recently officially ended with Colette and Blaze PUMA together to create a of Glory and Disc Blaze. Blaze of Glory using superior nubuck leather making shoes, Colette signature blue as the main theme, both Logo and grey reflecting decorative details in the vamp; and Disc Blaze in the design with a more intense Ronnie Fieg style, Colette blue and white two colors to gradually become way, into the gray contrast then, to increase the ink spots. ronnie-fieg-x-colette-x-puma- Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping blaze-of-glory-disc-blaze-11.jpg (417.26 KB, download number: 5) download KITH x Colette x PUMA joint series 2016-6-9 16:09 upload ronnie-fieg-x-colette-x-puma-blaze-of-glory-disc-blaze-10.jpg (437.18 KB, download number: 4) download KITH x Colette x PUMA joint series 2016-6-9 16:09 upload ronnie-fieg-x-colette-x-puma-blaze-of-glory-disc-blaze-9.jpg (413.68 KB, download number: 7) download KITH x Colette x PUMA joint series 2016-6-9 16:09 upload ronnie-fieg-x-colette-x-puma-blaze-of-glory-disc-blaze-1.jpg (342.95 KB, download number: 6) download KITH x Colette x PUMA joint series 2016-6-9 16:07 upload ronnie-fieg-x-colette-x-puma-blaze-of-glory-disc-blaze-2.jpg (355.850Time yesterday afternoon, more than 40 Wenzhou shoe enterprises on behalf of the flying Dirong City, and Chongzhou City, the Chinese enterprises settled in the shoes ar Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping e Chongzhou Xichuan shoes formally signed. This is also our city to undertake the national "East shoes West shift" industry transfer, Wenzhou shoe enterprises on our city's largest concentration of investment. Today, located in the Chongzhou Industrial Development Zone of Chongzhou, Zhejiang, Sichuan shoes will be formally groundbreaking. yesterday afternoon, more than 40 Wenzhou shoe enterprises on behalf of the flying Dirong City, and Chongzhou City, the Chinese enterprises settled in the shoes are Chongzhou Xichuan shoes formally signed. This is also our city to undertake the national "East shoes West shift" industry transfer, Wenzhou shoe enterprises on our city's largest concentration of investment. Today, located in the Chongzhou Industrial Development Zone of Chongzhou, Zhejiang, Sichuan shoes will be formally groundbreaking. According to the Secretary General of the Wenzhou shoes Association chairman Xie Rongfang told reporters, Wenzhou shoe enterprises are willing to go to Chengdu, Chongzhou and Zhejiang on the establishment of cooperation in Sichuan and Zhejiang shoes, originally planned to advance the construction of 16 sets of 100 thousand square meters of standard workshop, the situation in Wenzhou was introduced, immediately by the Wenzhou shoe enterprises welcome 40 Wenzhou enterprise immediately booked 40 sets of standard factory buildings. It is understood that the 40 enterprises in Wenzhou standard factory building, with a total area of more than 270 thousand square meters, each standardized factory building's annual output of shoes will be more than 1 million pairs. (Editor: admin).GRAPHERSROCK is designed by graphic designer Tamio Iwaya, based in Tokyo. PUMA and GRAPHERSROCK joint cooperation, through science and technology, science fiction, experiments and other key words as shoes design inspiration. PUMA in 90s in the two running shoes, Disc, Blaze and R698 based, in the material to be extended innovation, more boldly use all kinds of printing elements, thus showing a modern fashion visual effects. In addition, the shoe side with the "Tokyo Japan", the tongue and the heel of the GRAPHERSROCK brand logo, and insole decorated with personality prints, conveys a unique cool breath. The series will be launched from April 23rd, part of designated PUMA stores. 2015 autumn and winter, Adidas Originals Tubular family came to Paris, London, Milan, New York, Shanghai, in five world fashion capital interpretation of multi style aesthetics. The charming Paris is undoubtedly the world fashion center, both the Tubular Runner or Tubular X, are here turned in a romantic fashion footwear robe. London is known as "the future of fashion manufacturing capital", both Tubular series shoes to melt into the British fashion. Turning to Milan, the new era of Italy, which tries to break away from the conservative label of Tubular, is a stunning spark of creative design with a pioneering and innovative design concept. Hip Hop is the city of New York proud of the cultural treasures, All White, big red Tubular shoes here has been given publicity style charm. Finally, known as the "Oriental Paris" in Shanghai, unwilling to make the traditional bondage of glamour exudes charming temperament, also unwilling to tradition bound Tubular using original and advanced materials, to create a variety of new shoes, which included a new type of shoes Tubular X. Five cities, five styles, the perfect creation of a unique Tubular classic.